IBD Resources

At the Children’s IBD Center at Mount Sinai, we believe that providing more accurate information about inflammatory bowel disease to patients and families will make it easier to manage the disease. Among many resources available through the Center are:

Gut Feelings

“GUT FEELINGS”is a special program that matches IBD parents/patients with families who also have the same diagnosis. Through these connections with others who share a similar journey, parents and patients often feel comforted and understood. Talking with other families who are further along in diagnosis or treatments is a vital part of helping families cope with the challenges of IBD.

“Gut Feelings” provides “mentors” to newly diagnosed patients and their families or to those deciding on new treatments and/or medical plans. “Mentors” are parents who have volunteered to offer their insights and share their own experiences with other families.  New families are assessed by the IBD team in order to match them with an appropriate “mentor”.

If you are interested in being matched with a “mentor,” please call 212-241-7364 or send an email to bambi.fisher@mountsinai.org

Mount Sinai/CCFA Teen Alliance

Together with the Westchester/Fairfield CCFA, the Mount Sinai Children’s IBD Center is offering a program to bring together teens, ages 13-17, for support, activities and program planning for activities and programs where the teens’ expertise can be used to help others and to create awareness and support for IBD. If you are interested in participating please contact Bambi Fisher at bambi.fisher@mountsinai.org

Thursday Evening Sessions

Every Thursday from 4p.m. to 6p.m., families have the opportunity to have a patient visit in conjunction with an educational group session. Read More>

Family Resource Center

Available through the child life department in The Zone, 1184 Fifth Avenue, the Family Resource Center is a comfortable place created especially for the families of pediatric inpatients. It contains information, in print and online, about health and parenting. Families may check e-mail, get help with internet searching, or simply have a cup of coffee or tea and relax.

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Articles & Lecture Notes

This web site has an archive of articles on IBD basics, nutrition, social/developmental aspects of IBD, and the science and medicine of IBD. Articles are based on lectures held at the Center over several years.
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A newsletter featuring articles about IBD, news on upcoming events and stories from patients. Content input from patients and families welcomed. Newsletters are mailed to families and posted on the website.
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